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Startups Acquisitions is your go-to ‘abandoned’ marketplace for buying and selling startups.

Picture this: You have an old or new store you love, but maybe it’s time for a new chapter and you feel you want to abandon it. Micro Startups Acquisitions is where you can safely find someone excited to take over. And guess what? They can buy it without any extra costs at the end – we make sure it’s fair and simple!✨

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Why Micro Startups Acquisitions? ✨

Connecting Startup Founders & Investors

With Micro Startups Acquisitions, the Seller process is as simple as submitting your startup and letting the Investors reach out to you instantly. Our platform is designed to help Founders sell their startups to interested Investors as fast as possible.

For Founders ✨

Sell your Startup website instantly

Micro StartUps Acquisitions is an online marketplace connecting website entrepreneurs, investors, and digital marketers for seamless website transactions

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  • List your business
  • Easy transactions
  • Profitable investments
  • Expand your digital portfolio
For Investors ✨

Buy, Invest in Profitable Startups

Discover a wide range of lucrative website business opportunities and make smart investments with Micro StartUps Acquisitions.

  • 25% Increase in Retention
  • 1.7X User Base Growth

Selling an online startup? List it for free!

List your startup for sale on Micro StartUps Acquisitions marketplace. It is absolutely free to create a listing and only takes 5 minutes to complete. We are here to solve these pain-points from business owners and acquirers.

How does the online SaaS marketplace work for buying and selling side online websites?

Can I trust the quality and authenticity of the projects and apps listed on your website?

What kind of projects and apps can I find for buying?

Is the transaction process secure?

Can I get assistance or support during the buying or selling process?

Are there any fees involved in selling my website?

A few marketplace examples

For Sellers - Choose the right plan for you

Solo Founder


Give it a try, List and Sell up to one startup.





Submit up to 5 startups for sale and extend listing availability and reach.

Master Founder(s)




Most popular plan, unlimited startups, get more investor visibility.

For Investors​

For Investors and Buyers Startups Premium Access.

Unlock exclusive growth opportunities with our Premium Access for Startups Acquisitions Listings. Dive into a curated marketplace, offering in-depth profiles, financial insights, and strategic evaluations for potential acquisitions.



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Howdy, it's Omosayansii 👋

I am beyond excited to share this latest startup built in public with you. I have personally spent a few years building different startups in public. It's not been an easy journey. Building, and shipping 🚀 startups really requires patience and consistency. Not to say I am lucky, but I have experienced 4 StartUp exits during my #buildInPublic Journey.

As an Indie, I have always been a Motivated Maker that Builds to Grow to Sell. Flipping businesses and StartUps has been an interesting venture with its own ups and downs. All from receiving offers, rejection, cancellations et al. Makers looking to exit face all kinds of challenges, whether you are in Pre-revenue or Post-Revenue phase.

I believe the Build In Public Community consists of Makers who can entirely build a StartUp product, but cannot afford to Scale, and Grow that Product. What happens? The StartUp becomes a 'Dead Project' despite spending thousands of Hours Building it.

Hence the existence of: StartUps Acquisitions - the Ultimate solution that will help Makers with quality bootstrapped and viable products to be able to exit fully or partially to potential Investors. Whether your Startup is earning a $0 MRR - $10K MRR, you can be sure of validating something out of it.

The existing Acquisition marketplaces are setting the pace too high for Solo Founders who are looking to exit and have not hit a certain required limit of MRR or TTM. We are solving that through StartUps Acquisitions.

Connect with me on X (@omosayansii) and (@acquisitionsHQ).

Let's build together in Public! 🚀

Founder, Micro Startups Acquisitions



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