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Securing referrals is the worst part of a job hunt. ReferLink automates the referral process so you can focus on landing your dream job. Simply create a ReferLink, share it with your extended network, and let the referrals pile up! It's like Calendly for job referrals.

Full StartUp Description

ReferLink is an app that automates the job referral process so you can focus on landing your dream job. No more cluttered excel spreadsheets and last minute LinkedIn outreach to try to secure referrals — ReferLink streamlines the whole process into three easy steps:

1. Make your ReferLink. This is a page that displays your referral requests ✅

2. Send it to your network (or post it on LinkedIn) 💌

3. We do the rest (including handling that horrible follow-up!), and you get referred 💪

In essence, ReferLink replicates the easy process of using Calendly or other calendar scheduling apps to set up meetings and applies that concept to getting referrals. A user lists jobs they are interested in, sends out a single link (their "ReferLink") to their network, and anyone who has the ability to refer them can access the relevant info via that link. This eliminates awkward back and forth, decreases drop-off, and makes the process easier for all parties.

Business Model

No, I have not been pursuing it for some time. Too busy with other work.

User Acquisition Process

All organic marketing so far. Huge potential for a dedicated marketing effort to identify job seekers and get them on the platform.

Growth Opportunity

Millions of people search for jobs each year, and almost all of them know that a referral increases their odds of success by a significant margin. ReferLink makes the process of getting those referrals incredibly easy and scalable, which is great value to the user.

Tech Stack Used

NextJs, Prisma, Postgres, Supabase

Monthly Revenue


Annual Recurring Revenue


TTM (in USD)


Reason for Asking Price

The market for the technology is huge and a sufficient marketing effort should be able to build a sustainable business around the product.

Why are you selling?

I got too busy with work and other projects to continue pursuing this.


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