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Submission Criteria.

We do our best to ensure we meet the standard needs for all submissions.

We’re excited to learn about your startup and explore the potential to connect your collaboration with the next Investor. To make the exit and acquisition process simple and straightforward, here are our submission criteria at Startups Acquisitions:

  1. Innovative StartUp:

    • We’re on the lookout for startups with fresh and innovative ideas. Tell us what makes your concept unique and how it brings something new to the table.
  2. MVP – Market Potential:

    • Share your insights on the market potential for your startup. Help us understand the demand for your product or service and how it addresses a real need.
  3. The Founder & Team:

    • Introduce us to the brains behind the startup. Tell us about the key members of your founding team, their skills, and how their expertise contributes to the success of your startup.
  4. Traction, Metrics and Milestones:

    • Let us know about your startup’s journey so far. Share any significant milestones, user acquisition numbers, or partnerships that demonstrate the traction your startup has gained.
  5. Financial Metrics:

    • Provide an overview of your financials, including current funding status, revenue model, and projections. Help us understand how your startup plans to achieve financial sustainability.
  6. Scalability:

    • We’re interested in startups with the potential to scale. Explain how your business model allows for growth and expansion, and outline any plans you have for scaling up.
  7. Alignment with Investors/Partners:

    • Share your thoughts on the type of investors or partners you believe would be a great fit for your startup. Help us understand how you see the collaboration benefiting both parties.
  8. Clear Communication:

    • Clearly present your information. We appreciate well-organized and concise submissions that make it easy for us to grasp the essence of your startup.
  9. Integrity and Transparency:

    • Be open and honest in your communication. We value integrity and transparency and believe that a strong foundation of trust is crucial for successful partnerships.
  10. Readiness for Collaboration:

    • Let us know if you’re ready for collaboration and how you envision working with potential investors or partners. Share your expectations and any specific areas where you see the most value in collaboration.

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