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Welcome to Startups Acquisitions, your go-to SaaS marketplace for navigating the dynamic world of buying and selling startups. We understand the unique needs of entrepreneurs and investors in the ever-evolving tech landscape, and we’ve crafted a platform specifically tailored to facilitate the acquisition of startups with Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) or TTM ranging from $0 to $10,000.

At Startups Acquisitions, we are a team of tech enthusiasts and business aficionados who believe in the power of innovative solutions. Our platform is designed to bring together startups looking to take the next step and investors seeking opportunities in the lucrative MRR/TTM range.

Our Mission: Our mission is simple—empower entrepreneurs and investors to connect seamlessly. We aim to be the catalyst for growth in the SaaS industry, providing a marketplace where startups can find the right buyers, and investors can discover promising ventures within the $0 to $10K MRR/TTM range.

What Sets Us Apart: We stand out by focusing on the specific niche of SaaS startups with a Monthly Recurring Revenue sweet spot. Our platform is not just about transactions; it’s about fostering meaningful connections. We prioritize transparency, efficiency, and reliability, ensuring a smooth process for both sellers and buyers.

How We Work: Navigating the SaaS marketplace can be complex, but not with Startups Acquisitions. Our user-friendly platform simplifies the buying and selling process, offering a streamlined experience. Whether you’re a startup founder looking to move on to new ventures or an investor searching for the next profitable acquisition, we’ve got you covered.

Why $1K to $10K MRR/TTM: We’ve honed in on the $0 to $10,000 MRR/TTM range because we recognize the potential for growth in this segment. It’s the sweet spot where startups have proven their viability, and investors can capitalize on scalable opportunities.

Join Us in SaaS Success: If you’re a SaaS entrepreneur with a startup in the target MRR/TTM range, or an investor looking for the perfect addition to your portfolio, Startups Acquisitions is where you want to be. Let’s collaborate, grow, and succeed together in the exciting world of SaaS startups.

Discover the possibilities within the $0 to $10K MRR/TTM range with Startups Acquisitions—where SaaS dreams find their match!



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