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Interior AI + Architect AI + Landscape AI
- Home Remodeling and Virtual Stage Design AI
- 10x Faster AI Rendering,
- 10x Automated AI Styling,
- 10x times Less Manual Work with our AI
Save hours on researching, brainstorming and rendering!
+ the Biggest architecture design library:450+ styles
Best for architects, interior designers, real estate agents.

Full StartUp Description

Welcome to the future of architecture and interior design, where the lines between reality and
imagination are blurred, thanks to the marvels of artificial intelligence. Presenting ArchitectAI, a groundbreaking AI-powered tool that is quite literally “Indistinguishable from Magic” and is
changing the landscape (pun intended) of architectural and interior designs.



Business Model


User Acquisition Process

all sources, copyrights and domain

Growth Opportunity

in 1-3 years can be grow to $30000-$60000/month, need SEO and promotion, have a conversion rate about 3-4%,
$200 MRR

Tech Stack Used

React, NodeJS, TailwindCSS, Mongo, WP, AWS, Render, Git

Monthly Revenue


Annual Recurring Revenue


TTM (in USD)


Reason for Asking Price

The price is low, and it's growing market! I added 3000 pages to Google index and 500 have already been indexed , so there will soon be good traffic for low-frequency queries few moths and traffic will grow. Stable sales for 8 months.

this is a great option to flip a website!

Why are you selling?

I wouldn't sell but I urgently need money for other projects


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