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Blogcast transforms content into natural sounding speech using neural text-to-speech technology. Includes speech synthesis editor (SSML), embeddable audio player, podcast generator, article import from URL, bulk imports, WordPress plugin, and admin panel.

Full StartUp Description

Blogcast creates voiceovers and podcasts for a wide variety of uses using AI text-to-speech technology.  Enhance WordPress posts, Medium articles, and website content with audio to expand your reach. Quickly create voice over tracks for YouTube videos without hiring expensive talent. Generate podcast episodes as new articles are posted. Explain concepts and provide audio for courses and online training. Add audio to product explainers, demos, and support materials. Publish audio chapters from existing book content.

Business Model

SaaS subscriptions. Users purchase monthly or annual plans or purchase per article conversion credits.

User Acquisition Process

Organic search engine traffic and backlinks from technology sites funnels leads. A limited free trial allows leads to preview capabilities before signing up for a paid plan. Users can publish an audio player on their site with a built-in backilnk to help generate referrals. Fulfillment is 100% automated - users import their article, choose a neural voice, and convert to audio without owner intervention.

Growth Opportunity

Additional SEO, content marketing, and some paid advertising could easily boost sales. The product is feature-rich for text-to-speech but focusing on a single niche such as training or video voiceovers could vastly boost potential.

Tech Stack Used

Laravel, MySQL, Tailwind

Monthly Revenue


Annual Recurring Revenue


TTM (in USD)


Reason for Asking Price

Profitable, revenue generating SaaS with feature-rich product.

Why are you selling?

Has been extremely part-time for 4 years and not getting enough attention from me.


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