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In an increasingly complex ecosystem, continuous learning is crucial for developers. With CodeWiz, we tackle this challenge by providing more than just a simple solution; we introduce a virtual mentor with senior developer skills, guiding enthusiasts and professionals through the learning of new languages and frameworks.

Full StartUp Description

Navigating the coding galaxy just got a lot more exciting. I remember those nights, wrestling with Angular docs, wishing for a silent whisper in the dark to answer my coding quests without constantly bugging peers. That's where CodeWiz was born - a tool I envisioned every curious developer having by their side.

Why CodeWiz? Well:

- 🆓 Freemium Forever - Enjoy CodeWiz for FREE, right from the start.
- 👨‍💻 Real-time Code Insights: Say 'Goodbye' to scouring forums. Just ask, and CodeWiz will unveil the answers.
- 🗺️ Multilingual Superpower: From English to Esperanto, we're on a mission to speak your language.
- 📃 Deep Dives: Every answer comes with direct links to docs, so you learn straight from the source.
- 🧡 For Us, By Us: It's tailored for developers, whether you're knee-deep in frontend or dabbling in backend.

Oh, and a heads-up, some stellar features are on the horizon – brace yourself for an even smoother coding voyage!

💫 Coming Soon Sauce:
- WizLern: Tailored courses made by AI for YOU (and just you).
- Chat-to-Stack: With a click WizChat can generate a StackOverflow issue.
- ...and much more!

Here's to making coding less about hurdles and more about magic. 🎩✨

Business Model

CodeWiz makes money through easy monthly/yearly subscriptions. Currently CodeWiz has 2 paid subscriptions, one of 8.99$/m and one of 14.99$/m. The costs of maintaining CodeWiz are really low. Since September we spent only 6$ to run the project. Without any investment in marketing we made 176€ organically.

User Acquisition Process

Right now CodeWiz has a fully automated email-marketing funnel. Since the user signs up, the automated emails increase the possibility to convert a free user.

Growth Opportunity

As of today we reached organically more than 700 active users. We expect that with little to no effort investment in a marketing campaign can easily capture more leads.

Tech Stack Used

Angular, Node.js, Typescript, NoSQL, Postgres, Javascript, Deno

Monthly Revenue


Annual Recurring Revenue


TTM (in USD)


Reason for Asking Price

I calculated this price based on my rate as a Full-Stack Developer. It is based on the hours I invested in building this project. I think it's a fair price considering that right now the costs are extremely low and it already has a good reputation in the AI-Tools Field.

Why are you selling?

I love this project and I used my extensive knowledge to make this SaaS perfect in every aspect. Lately I've been working on another project and unfortunately I don't have the time to manage this project as a solo-founder. I find that selling this business might give it the boost it deserves.


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