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A Renting marketplace to rent anything anywhere

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KirayePe is an online platform facilitating connections between individuals seeking to rent and those willing to lend their possessions. Functioning as a Peer-to-Peer renting platform, KirayePe enables local businesses or individuals to rent out their products with confidence. Acting as a trusted intermediary in the transaction, we prioritize the safety and security of both the rented item and the financial transaction.

Business Model

KirayePe makes money on every booking, there is a percentage of about 5-7% on every transaction is done through KirayePe applications.

User Acquisition Process

The primary source of user acquisition is through social media, website and paid advertisements. Fulfillment is a collaborative effort between vendors and borrowers.

Growth Opportunity

The global sharing economy
Global sharing economy is rising with the rate of 140% per year
With the projection of 335 billion USD industry in 2025
India forms 10% of total Global sharing economy.

Indian Rental Industries
Fashion rental : USD 3-4 billion
Car Rental : USD 1.4 billion
Furniture : USD 800-850 million
Electronics : USD 500 million

Tech Stack Used

Flutter, Spring, MongoDB, AWS, GCP, Retool, Firebase, Wix, Stream Chat, Mixpanel

Monthly Revenue


Annual Recurring Revenue


TTM (in USD)


Reason for Asking Price

Our live MVP has garnered a user base of 50,000, crafted by skilled engineers from Facebook to Amazon. Our tech stack, including Android/iOS apps, a website, backend, Admin platform, and social media handles, ensures a versatile and user-friendly ecosystem. This robust foundation exemplifies our commitment to delivering an innovative and seamless user experience.

Why are you selling?

As technical founders, we recognize the critical need for business-minded individuals to drive success in our field. We are actively seeking professionals with a strong business acumen, particularly in areas such as business development, marketing, and finance, to collaborate with us. By combining technical expertise with strategic business insight, we aim to create a dynamic synergy that propels our ventures to new heights. If you share our vision and are passionate about the intersection of technology and business, we invite you to explore opportunities within our organization. Join us on this journey where innovation meets strategic foresight, and together, let's redefine the future of our industry.


Process your payment and agreement now by checking out securely using Escrow. Secure for both the seller and buyer. is the safest way to pay online. When you place your order, an account will be created on through which you will be able to complete payment. Simply click on the link in the order receipt to view your payment instructions.

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