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Motionit is a SAAS for making slide creation effortless with our AI-powered platform. Whether you're a student, teacher, or business professional, our platform is designed to simplify the process. Our advanced AI algorithms can turn your keywords or documents into visually stunning, professionally formatted slides in a matter of minutes.

- Instant Slide Generation: Simply input your keywords or upload your documents, and our AI takes care of the rest.
- Image Generation: Our platform can automatically produce high-quality images using Stable Diffusion XL.

Full StartUp Description

Introducing - The Future of Presentation Creation

Overview: is a platform designed to revolutionise the way startups and businesses create slides and videos. Born from the ingenuity of a dynamic duo, this alpha version is your gateway to crafting visually stunning presentations with unparalleled ease. It’s more than just a tool; it's your creative partner in making an unforgettable impact.

Key Features:

  • Effortless Transformation of Ideas: Turn your thoughts into visually captivating slides and videos without the usual hassle. is your creative catalyst, transforming concepts into concrete, professional visuals.
  • Seamless Google Slides Integration: Directly sync with Google Slides for a smooth editing experience. Enjoy the comfort of a familiar platform while leveraging the advanced capabilities of
  • Text-to-Slide: Experience the magic of AI as your text is beautifully converted into engaging slides. It’s simple, intuitive, and remarkably effective.
  • Website to Slide Conversion: Introducing a groundbreaking feature where web content can be directly transformed into informative and visually appealing slides, perfect for summarizing web-based information.
  • Document to Slide Capability: Effortlessly convert documents into well-structured and visually engaging slide presentations, streamlining the process of content repurposing.
  • Custom Themes and Icons: Personalize your presentations with custom themes and icons, ensuring that your content stands out and resonates with your audience.

Elevate your presentation game with – where ideas meet impact.

Business Model

Our platform offers tiered subscription plans: 'Pro' at $14.9/month with unlimited text summarization & templates; 'Starter' at $7.9/month for 20 text summaries & unlimited templates.

User Acquisition Process

User Acquisition: Most of our users came from product hunt and twitter posts. We have done very basic marketing. Our users
Fulfillment Process: User sign up and land on the dashboard, where they can create slide by providing text prompt or document or website. The generated slide can be edited using google slide. User can provide feedback after the slide generation.

Growth Opportunity

Improve SEO, Increase content marketing, Expand to new markets, Social media marketing, Increase digital marketing, Optimise Landing page.
Most of our registered users are from Latin American countries. We already added Spanish Language support.We think if one can target the right audience in those countries, the product can do really well and also B2B seems to be better target for the product.

Tech Stack Used

Next.js, Typescript, Supabase, PostgreSQL, Openai

Monthly Revenue


Annual Recurring Revenue


TTM (in USD)


Reason for Asking Price

We are one of the early product in the slides with ai market and we have 30k+ registered users at the moment. 3 of our competitor has done really well. Our product has been featured in many famous newsletter and it became 2nd product of the day. The product has a robust codebase and it's can be scaled quickly.

The main reason we left behind is lack of our marketing strategy and budget to do so. We wanted to put more afford and budget into marketing with few angel investors as we believe with right afford and strategy the product has huge potential but me and my cofounder decided to move to another SAAS space as that is more close to our personal expertise.

Why are you selling?

Starting a new venture


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