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Affordable 3D website builder that lets Users easily create their own captivating link-in-bio.

Full StartUp Description

Trixdi is driven by the vision of a web where 3D interactivity and visual storytelling are not just accessible, but the standard.

A cost-effective and user-friendly service that empowers individuals to create their own 3D websites with a focus on captivating link-in-bio pages. This model emphasizes accessibility, affordability, and ease of use, making advanced digital creation accessible to a broad audience.

At this time, the only feature we sell is the landing page; analytics and further profitable features, such as personalized customization through purchasable items to add to the scene, are on the roadmap.

Business Model

The monetization is based on charging customers for each page they create, currently priced at 7 American dollars. We have successfully acquired a satisfied customer who has already paid for our service.
It's noteworthy that this customer was acquired organically, as we currently do not engage yet in paid advertising circulation.
There is also much positive feedback.

User Acquisition Process

Users complete a Tally form by entering their links. Upon completing the form, they proceed to pay $7 to confirm the process.

The form:

Growth Opportunity

The landing page/link in bio market is large but competitive. There are numerous offerings, with the most well-known being Linktree. Our offer primarily focuses on visual differentiation. There is no other 3D website like ours, which is both affordable and engaging.

Tech Stack Used

Python (BE), Javascriptn(FE), Replit (Infrastructure).

Monthly Revenue


Annual Recurring Revenue


TTM (in USD)


Reason for Asking Price

To develop this system requires more than asking price. Project has commercial validation and positive feedback.

Allegedly, this is the only site of this type. A man from Fiverr has already tried to copy and sell the idea for 80 USD per page.

Why are you selling?

I'm seeking funds for personal expenses, and looking to develop a stable programmer job.


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