Bubba & Beau, LLC

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Bubba & Beau, LLC


Sells to mothers from prenatal to postnatal and babies through preschool. Our mission is to provide only eco-friendly and/or sustainable products of which as a biologist, I am well versed.

Full StartUp Description

Eco--friendly and sustainable products with a blog that explains the process. I am a biologist and I have wanted to start an eco-friendly business for years. I had huge hopes for this and I think I just took too long to get it going before Shopify started to bill me. The whole "dropship from China" was never going to work. I believe that would be shooting myself in the foot. So I used local but never really advertised or anything. I got social accounts up and spent a ton of time researching fabrics and textiles, end-of-life cycles, etc. I also had a Montessori collection with info on the pedagogy of Maria Montessori.  The real one. So many lie about eco-friendly or sustainable. I saw a beauty company (more than one, sadly) state they are "chemical-free," and the public drank it up - like H2O (water......containing the chemicals hydrogen and oxygen). They also lie about Montessori. I have been trained in the method through the catechism from women who travel around the world to teach others how to properly utilize this method. Now, every toy is Montessori. And most of them (I believe), Maria Montessori would have a fit over. It's just a buzzword now. Plastic loud toys. Totally Montessori and environmentally friendly (this is sarcasm by the way).

Business Model

It hasn't

User Acquisition Process

I was using dropshipping providers until I could afford to buy inventory and store it in a dedicated space. It was going to be legit.

Growth Opportunity

There is a huge amount of growth for this startup. I know parents only want the best for their kids and the younger generations are rejecting plastic and non-sustainable products. I was going to have a blog to educate them as well so they can be good stewards of the Earth.

Tech Stack Used

Shopify, Sell the Trend, Thieve, ChatGPT and a few other plugins like Parcel Panel to hide my packages coming from China which anyone would figure out

Reason for Asking Price

It is negotiable. I know this will be a sucess but I ran out of money after my husband was laid off after 18 dedicated years to the same company. Now i'm freelancing and was planning on going forward. It is already stocked and products researched. My brain is full of knowledge for the blog. It has social media acccounts. It makes me sad because this has been my dream but it's the breaks. I'd rather someone else step in and educate and help mothers and babies live healthier and more scientifically-literate lives. "Tiny Footprints" is the double entendre. Babies have them and we all want tiny carbon footprints.

Why are you selling?

Mentioned above. I can't afford it and I won't be able to any time soon. I need to be able to have product stateside and I can't afford the MOQ for the items I want and/or need.


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