Coffeepin – web3 loyalty app

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Coffeepin - web3 loyalty app


For sale: "Coffeepin" - a Web3 loyalty program for 3rd wave coffee shops. Utilizing T&NFT solutions, it enhances customer engagement and loyalty through blockchain rewards. The platform facilitates seamless food orders and integrates cryptocurrency payments. Elevate your coffee shop's appeal, stay ahead with Web3 tech, and offer a unique experience. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionize your business. Contact us to acquire Coffeepin today!

Full StartUp Description

For sale: "Coffeepin" - Revolutionize Your Coffee Shop Business!

Introducing Coffeepin, a cutting-edge Web3 customer loyalty program specifically designed for 3rd wave coffee shops. This innovative platform combines traditional loyalty solutions with the power of blockchain through T&NFT technology, offering a seamless and secure way for customers to engage with their favorite coffee spots.

Key Features:

  1. Web3 Loyalty Program: Elevate customer loyalty with a state-of-the-art Web3 platform, providing a modern and engaging experience for both coffee shop owners and patrons.
  2. T&NFT Loyalty Solutions: Harness the potential of blockchain with Token and NFT-based loyalty solutions. Transform customer engagement by offering unique and tradable rewards securely stored on the blockchain.
  3. Order Food with Ease: Streamline the ordering process with a user-friendly interface, allowing customers to place food orders effortlessly. Enhance the overall customer experience by integrating technology with their daily coffee rituals.
  4. Crypto Payments: Embrace the future of payments with integrated cryptocurrency solutions. Enable your customers to make quick and secure transactions using their preferred cryptocurrencies.

Why Coffeepin?

  • Stay ahead of the competition by adopting the latest Web3 technologies.
  • Foster customer loyalty through innovative T&NFT loyalty programs.
  • Simplify transactions with seamless food ordering and cryptocurrency payments.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your coffee shop into a tech-savvy haven for coffee enthusiasts. Elevate your business with Coffeepin and provide a unique and memorable experience for your customers. Contact us now to acquire this groundbreaking project!

Business Model

Subscription or Licensing Fees: Coffee shops interested in adopting the Coffeepin platform may pay subscription or licensing fees to access and use the Web3 loyalty program and associated features.

User Acquisition Process

Launch targeted marketing campaigns to create awareness about Coffeepin among 3rd wave coffee shops. Utilize online and offline channels, including social media, industry events, and partnerships.

Growth Opportunity

Work closely with each coffee shop to customize the Coffeepin platform according to their specific branding and requirements. Tailor loyalty programs, integrate with existing systems, and ensure a seamless transition.

Tech Stack Used

node.js, mongodb, web3.js, vue.js, kotlin, swift, swiftui, azure app services, docker, git, ci/cd...

Monthly Revenue


Annual Recurring Revenue


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Reason for Asking Price

I will continue to develop or support the product, but I am seeking a partner to sell and market the application. I am looking to retain involvement in its ongoing development, and I believe collaborating with a partner who can take ownership of the marketing and sales aspects will enhance the product's reach and success. Finding a partner with expertise in these areas will allow us to maximize the application's potential, and I am open to discussions with individuals or companies interested in taking on the ownership and marketing responsibilities for the application.

Why are you selling?

I have diligently expanded the project in terms of development, yet I recognize that there is a gap in the marketing aspect of the business. Understanding the critical role of effective marketing in its success, I have decided to sell the business to an individual or entity that possesses the expertise and resources to elevate its market presence. This strategic decision aims to ensure that the business reaches its full potential and thrives under the guidance of a partner who can address and enhance its marketing strategies, ultimately maximizing its growth and success in the market.


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